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Scheduling & Booking Resources


This page contains links to web based calendars for viewing and making bookings on the major microscopy resources.  Prior booking is not essential.  However booking will ensure that the resource is available for your use, and that you will not be bumped off by someone who has booked.

Confocal Microscope Schedules



LeicaSP2 AOBS Upright Laser Scanning Confocal - decomissioned

Next 56 days \\laplace
Olympus FV500 Inverted Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (not in operation) - 7228A Marsico Hall

Next 56 days \\snell

Fluorescent/transmitted light Microscope Schedules


Nikon 80i Upright Transmitted light and color camera. Fluorescence/DIC Microscope -  6024 Thurston Bowles



Next 56 days  
Nikon Upright transmitted light microscope - CCD digital camera is not available due to a computer failure (Sadly it is not repairable/replaceable) - 7225a Marsico Hall


  Next 56 days \\hooke (off line)
Nikon TE2000 inverted Fluorescent/DIC/Phase Microscope - 6026 Thurston Bowles - CF Center Leo lab. only



  Off line
Olympus VS120 - virtual slide scanner - Marsico Hall  i   Next 56 days \\montage

Image Processing & Analysis Workstation Schedules



Schott Windows 7 - 64 bit Image Processing Workstation: QuickTime - Photoshop - Illustrator DVD/CD+R/RW writer - MS Office 2013- 7208 Marsico Hall  


  Next 56 days \\schott

Brewster Windows 7 - 64 bit Image Processing Workstation: Volocity (via license server), QuickTime - Photoshop - Illustrator - MS Office 2013 - 7208 Marsico Hall (open office)  


Next 56 days \\brewster
Volocity: Status page - - This license server is managed by cell biology & physiology


Confocal systems, Microscopes & Resources in room 8104 & 8122 Neuroscience Research Building (Core facility. Please contact Michelle Itano)

Info. Guide    
Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope     Next 56 days  
Surveyor     Next 56 days   
Olympus FV 1000 confocal     Next 56 days  
Nikon Eclipse TE300     Next 56 days   
Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Microscope     Next 56 days  
Leica TCS SP Confocal Microscope     Next 56 days  
Zeiss 7MP Confocal Microscope Next 56 days
Data Analysis Workstation     Next 56 days  

Booking Resources
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