Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility

The Hooker Microscopy Facility is located in the UNC School of Medicine


At the University of North Carolina

  • The Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility shut down on July 31, 2014 under instructions from iBGS and the Office of Research
  • Please use your existing  MHmicroscopy credentials for logging onto remaining workstations and booking and access to the file server \\Minsky. Due to a firewall related glitch file shares are currently were recreated on \\Minsky.  Some shares are missing so please contact Michael if you cannot find your data, and text if it is urgent.  (No data has been lost although it may be inaccessible.)
  • SOM Access cards already authorized for MHMF rooms will continue to provide entry into the facility.  No new authorization will be made for access. 
  • Remaining resources will be moved to room 6024 Thurston Bowles and Marsico Hall in early 2015 (Probably March/April).
  • Leica SP2 confocal is available.  Existing users please book as usual.  
  • The upright Nikon with high resolution color camera is available - Hooke system - Upright Nikon fluorescence microscope with color CCD camera - This system is running again.  Hardware has been repaired.
  • Upright Nikon 80i for fluorescence and transmitted light is available - low res color camera in connected to the \\hamilton computer workstation is in room 6024.  You may contact Michael to discuss access.
  • Members of the Cystic Fibrosis Center and Alcohol Center and Stan Lemon lab. are welcome to (and should) ask Michael for assistance.
  • \\minsky the file server is available.  All may ask Michael for assistance about passwords and access.  The current plan is to shut down \\minsky in August of 2016.  Until then your data is available.
  • Computer workstations \\Schott & \\Brewster are in room 6129.
  • It feels like lemons are being converted into marmalade. Hopefully we will get to lemonade.  
    Lemon marmalade
    (c) 2014  Many thanks to Karen Stone for this image.

The Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility was a research microscopy facility located in the Thurston Bowles building at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The facility provides standard and advanced digital light microscopy and image processing resources to users from the UNC Chapel Hill campus on a fee for use basis. Instrumentation, software and instruction are provided to enable users to acquire, process and analyze images from samples they have prepared, or we can acquire data with you.  


Information for new and current users - New users from the CF Center, Alcohol Center and Stan Lemon lab. are welcome.

What's New / Changed


What's Down / Scheduled Maintenance - details
  • \\Minsky the file server - Most shares have been restored after the 172.27.11.x subnet glitch.  No data was lost.  However the shares were manually recreated.  Contact Michael if you can not access or find your data.
  • \\Marvin, \\Hooke are going off the campus Ethernet and joining a private network.  The data on \\Minsky will be cloned on this network.  This is being done since some older system will not be permitted on the OIS firewalled vlans.
  • See "NOT available" resources on the right
  • An inverted fluorescence scope system is currently being assembled
St. Nicolas Church, Leipzig DE.  Before the Berlin Wall fell there was the Friendly Revolution of 10 June 1989 (text). Checkpoint Charlie guard tower now at the Newseum, Washington DC  
Up coming courses/seminars concerning microscopy and imaging
  • Postponed - date TBA Feb 17 - 5:30 PM - Neuronal activity control of regenerative capacity, Chay Kuo, Cell Biology, Duke - The Triangle Synapse Club Room 124, Taylor Hall UNC 6:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Thurston Bowles building room 6129, 6033a, 6033 & 6123
  • Some resources will be moved to Marsico Hall and some will remain in Thurston Bowles
Contacting MHMF
  • Michael 919-912-9380  voice/text 
Booking Time on a Resource   [frames]


Widefield Microscopes
Confocal Microscopes
Computing & Image Processing
Sample preparation, cover slips, test samples, chambers, calibration, slides, clearing agents, etc. 
Fluorophore references (3rd party information)  Spectra
Books and articles on microscopy and imaging

 Director / Webmaster Michael 

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