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The Hooker Microscopy Facility is located in the UNC School of Medicine


At the University of North Carolina


The Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility is a research microscopy facility located in the Thurston Bowles building at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The facility provides standard and advanced digital light microscopy and image processing resources to users from the UNC Chapel Hill campus on a fee for use basis.  Instrumentation, software and instruction are provided to enable users to acquire, process and analyze images from samples they have prepared, or we can acquire data with you.

Information for new and current users - Users are required to complete the user information form and training with facility personnel for each microscope resource they wish use, or be assisted with scanning. Please contact Michael or Neal in order to schedule training or assistance.  All users with wet or live samples must read this note.

What's New / Changed
What's Down / Scheduled Maintenance - details
  • Apr 25: \\Lister - A new computer has been swapped into \\Lister's role.  All users will have to restore there user profile in order to capture images. Contact Michael for assistance.
  • July 26: Power outage at 6:00 AM for nominally 6 hours. Emergency power will remain on.
Selective Plane Imaging Microscopy
Drosophila Embryo - Maximum projection of 215 sections acquired in using selective plane imaging microscopy (SPIM).  Sample provided by R. Duronio Laboratory. Mouse head CT scan - maximum projection render made with Volocity (Click image for 50 um/voxel view). Note the occlusion artifacts due to max. projection.
Up coming courses/seminars concerning microscopy and imaging
  • "Imaging the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic hormone secretion", David Piston, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. July 23, 4:30 pm 3503 Thomas Hall (Stephens room), NC State.
  • Thurston Bowles building room 6129, 6033a, 6033 & 6123
Contacting Us - Use the phone for a quicker reply!
  • Michael 919-843-3268  or text  919-912-9380
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Widefield Microscopes
Confocal Microscopes
Computing & Image Processing
Sample preparation, cover slips, test samples, chambers, calibration, slides, clearing agents, etc. 
Fluorophore references (3rd party information)  Spectra
Books and articles on microscopy and imaging

 Director / Webmaster Michael  919-843-3268

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