Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility

The Hooker Microscopy Facility is located in the UNC School of Medicine

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At the University of North Carolina


Due to criticism of this site being too much in the style of the mid-nineties the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility page has gone dark on April 1.

If you are not a member of the:

  • Marsico Lung Institute - Cystic Fibrosis Research Center
  • Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies
  • Stan Lemon lab

then you ought to be fending for yourself.


Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility web site - historical


What's Down / Scheduled Maintenance

  • Volocity license server is currently unavailable due to the recent firewall SOM setup around the Cell Biology subnet
  • Notice:

    The microscopy.unc.edu and MHmicroscopy.med.unc.edu web site and calendar server have been moved to new servers at 10:00 AM on August 06

  • The general web page URLs will not change:
  • http://microscopy.unc.edu
  • http://mhmicroscopy.med.unc.edu
  • But the Calendar pages will have new URLs and will contain:
  • http://nsc.confocal.org/ or
  • http://cal.confocal.org
  • (Not
  • For specific cases see: http://mhmf.confocal.org/booking.htm
  • You will need to update any stored links on your computer, e.g. desktop shortcuts and browser bookmarks!
  • Status will be updated at this web site - http://calendar.confocal.org

    Up coming courses/seminars concerning microscopy and imaging:



    • Thurston Bowles building rooms 6129, 6033, 6026 & 6123
    • Marsico Hall 7th floor & subbasement in June
    • Some resources will be moved to Marsico Hall and some will remain in Thurston Bowles

    Contacting MHMF

    • Michael 919-912-9380  voice/text

    Booking Time on a Resource


    Publications 2002 - 2014

    Magenta Darkfield
    Yellow Confocal reflection
    Blue DAPI
    Green Fluorescence
    40x 1.25 NA adjusted to ~0.7


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