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Olympus VS200  - Whole Slide Scanner with Slide Loader

 Location: Marsico Hall

The upgrade to VS200 ASW version 3.4.1 scanner software was completed May 19, 2023
The free Windows viewer OlyVIA 4.1 or 4.1.1 (works on Windows 11) or OlyVIA 3.4.1 (Does not install on Windows 11)  is now required to view the files produced by the VS200 ASW scanner

Install the OlyVIA viewer obtained from:
- \\\vs200  file server
- \\\vs120  file server
- The VS200 slide scanner D:\_OlyVIA_4.1.1-29408 
- The VS120 slide scanner E:\_OlyVIA_4.1.1-29408
- From the official Olympus web site (registration/password required)

Warning: Any version of OlyVIA which is version 3.8, or later than 4.1.1 possibly contains malware!

DO NOT USE any version of OlyVIA from websites which are not verified Olympus sites.  E.g. Do not go to "", "", "".  These and other sites possibly provide software which contains malware.  Be very careful of where search engine results direct to. 


  • The slide scanner system is for use by researchers in the Marsico Lung Institute and their colleagues and collaborators
  • All users are required to receive training or instruction from Michael before using the system
  • Ultimate permission to use the system is at the discretion of the MLI/CF Center Director
  • All users should log in with their own account (mhmicroscopy domain)
  • The free viewing software OlyVIA version 3.4.1 and before does not install on Windows 11.
  • OlyVIA 4.1 or OlyVIA 4.1.1  will install on Windows 11!
  • Previous versions of OlyVIA may need to be uninstalled first
  • OlyVIA 4.1.1 is available at \\\vs200  or  \\\vs120 (mhmicroscopy domain account needed for access)
  • File storage reorganization: Files on the D: drive of the VS200 computer are being automatically copied to the minsky server nightly at ~4 am EST.  Your files can be accessed at the \\\vs200 server resource the next day.  Your data files may be deleted from the D: drive of the VS200 computer after 3 months if free storage space is low on D:`
  • Enquiries: Michael

VS200 booking Calendar is
  • VS200 ASW Version 3.4.1 Notes:
  • Load slides into trays with slides pushed to the back and right. Slide label to the back.
  • Load trays into hotel by gently pushing the tray to back and to the left (This is important so that slide presence is reliably detected)
  • Slide and tray selections has changed and is different from the old v3.2 software - see 'Batch Scan'
  • It is OK to store empty trays in the hotel (taller cabinet on the right).
  • When storing trays in the rack under the table please put plastic sheet or cardboard between them
  • OlyVIA v3.4.1 the free viewing software, and versions before, does not install on Windows 11.  However it will install on Windows 10 and still run when the system is upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10.  Get OlyVIA 4.1 which installs on Windows 10 & 11.
    30 Aug 2022 setup   Current setup with robotic slide feeder on the right

    VS200 booking Calendar is here:  

    Points to note:

    Mapping Drive Letters to servers (connecting to a serer, e.g. \\Minsky or CF-shared or CF-groups):


    Important Considerations:

    General Considerations:

    COVID-19 Mitigations:

  • The System:

    Viewing Software:

    Using the system:

    Network connections:


    Last Updated: 2024-03-15