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Xerox Color Printer - Phaser 8550

Location: 6129 Thurston Bowles


This printer has been decommissioned.  If you need color printing done please contact facility personnel about alternative printer.

Color Rendering: This printer will produces better quality images if the CMYK color space is used.  Many programs can create files in the CMYK space (or convert RGB images to CMYK), e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, but not PowerPoint or MS-Word.

Power Point: Can not handle CMYK images and will convert them back into RGB mode.  RGB images will tend to look saturated, particularly with photo micrographs which have fluorescence with strong primary colors, especially green.


When printing, in the print properties window it is necessary to choose enhanced or better print quality, to ensure good resolution printing.

print properties enhanced

Unfortunately one of the print nozzles is clogged causing slight streaking of the print out.  Given that this printer has had little use and virtually every facility user makes use of there labs. color laser printers we are holding off replacing this resource.


The Xerox Phaser 8550DP color printer is a fast, high resolution (1200 pixels per inch) solid dye printer.  It is available on the network and is a high quality print device for photomicrographs and color figures.  This printer is substantially faster than ink jet printers and produces output which does not run, smudge or fade. 


The printer is located in room 6033a Thurston Bowles.  The printer is shared on the Windows/Microsoft network under MINSKY as \\minsky\phaser8550dp.  A MHMICROSCOPY account name and password are required to access this printer.

Network Printing:

See Michael Chua about print drivers or obtaining an account and password on the MHMICROSCOPY domain to print.

Local Printing

Use one of the Image Processing Workstations in room 6129: Nomarski - Brewster - Snell - Schott


All print jobs are logged.  From July 1, 2006 there is a $0.50 per page charge.


This printer takes generic bond plain paper but Xerox brand labels and only Xerox brand transparencies.  Use of other supplies, especially those intended for Ink Jets, will damage the printer!

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