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HP Laser Jet Duplex B/W Printer (HP1320)

Location: 6033a Thurston Bowles




The Hewlett Packard HP1320n black and white printer is a fast, high resolution (1200 per inch) laser jet double sided printer. 


The printer is located in room 6033a Thurston Bowles.   

Network Printing:

The printer is shared on the Windows/Microsoft network under MINSKY as HP1320-MHMF.

An MHMICROSCOPY account name and password will grant network access through the network share of this printer.  (\\Minsky\HP1320-MHMF)

See a facility director about print driver issues or if you do not already have an MHMICROSCOPY account.


Printing is only possible from Windows XP and before.  There are no Windows 7 or Vista drivers available for this printer so the HP Universal PCL 5 driver is required.

This printer is prone to jamming especially with double sided printing.


All print jobs are logged.  There is a $0.15 per side print charge.

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