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Lasers and Microscopy - Users group meeting July 16 & 17, 2008

The Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility, in collaboration with the UNC Roadmap Initiative and Coherent Inc. lasers is hosting a users group meeting for those who use using or are interested in lasers and microscopy.  This event is intended as a casual interchange of results and techniques.  All are welcome.   Registration

Sponsored by Coherent Inc., UNC Road Map initiative, Invitrogen  & Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility, UNC

Schedule is subject to change.  Generally if a speaker finishes early the next speaker will be requested to follow on immediately.

Wed    July 16   124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road Google map)
9:00       Greetings & Introduction and dinner plans
9:05   Michael Chua   Microscopy Light Sources: A micro review
9:30   Martina Gentzsch   Endocytic trafficking of CFTR in primary cultures of human airway epithelial cells
10:15       Break
10:25   Mike Watson   Shear stress increases fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) between Adenosine 2B receptor and CFTR
11:05   Robert Zucker  

Confocal Microscopy System Performance:  Spectroscopy

12:00       Lunch & posters
12:30   Roger Narayan   Poster:
12:30   Karen Loechner   Poster: Cell cycle-dependent localization of voltage-dependent calcium channels and the mitotic apparatus in a neuroendocrine cell line, AtT-20.
Poster: Distinct  localization of voltage-dependent calcium channel subtypes and the secretory apparatus in a neuroendocrine cell line, AtT-20
12:30   Hsuan Lai   Poster: Laser-based lysis for cell analysis on-chip
1:00   Philip Gach
Georgina Salazar
  Laser-Based Release of Micropallets from Arrays for Single Cell Separation
1:45   Kristin Fuchs  

Protein Diffusion in E. coli

2:30       Break
2:40   Sumith Kottegoda   Development of Technologies for Analysis of Single Cells
3:25   Stephen Smith   Laser technologies for imaging
6:00       Dinner - Carolina Brewery
Thu    July 17   321 MacNider Building  (Behind Health Sciences Library Google Maps)
9:00   Chris Fecko   Imaging protein dynamics at transcriptionally active genes
9:45   Juergen von der Heiden   Leica White light laser in SP5 confocal
10:15       Break
10:30   Ajit Joglekar   High resolution colocalization of fluorescently labeled proteins in vivo
11:15   Jindong Ding   Correlative light and electron microscopy: a new approach using quantum dots
12:00       Lunch break
1:00   Linda Brown   TIRF: Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Solution from Leica
1:45   Michael Kerber   Using TIRF to track fast-moving, single molecules in live cells
2:30   Stephen Aylward   NIH STTR: Stitching and stacking confocal microscopy
3:15       Break
3:25   Alain Burette   3D visualization, more than just a pretty picture
3:55   David Marshburn   Spot video tracker application
4:25   Brian Eastwood   Image tracker



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