Lasers and Microscopy Users' Group Meeting
2013 Program   Room 124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road   Google maps )

July 16th

  Program (subject to change)
8:45 AM Walk up registration Coffee, juice, bagels
8:55 AM       Greetings & introduction
9:00 AM Jian Zou High-mobility group box-1 (HMGB1) protein mediates cytokine TNFalpha-stimulated proliferation of neural progenitors
9:30 AM   Richard Weinberg   Chemical architecture of synapses studied with high-resolution immunocytochemistry (or "Postsynaptic Phrenology - EM immunohistochemistry: my goodness it's super-resolution")
10:15 AM break Coffee, juice, etc.
10:30 AM Michael Tycon, M. Daddysman, C. Fecko RNA Polymerase II Subunits Exhibit A Broad Distribution of Macromolecular Assembly States In Live Cell Nuclei
11:10 AM   Scott Crane   The latest laser technology from Coherent
12:00 PM lunch Mediterranean Deli Buffet for registered attendees
 Poster   Atlee Watson   Transgenic fish models to screen impacted axial skeletogenesis following xenobiotic exposure
1:00 PM   Robyn Schlicher   Laser Microdissection: Isolating cells and genes of interest (practice, principals, and possibilities)
2:00 PM Torey Gonzalez Live Staining with Passive Uptake of the Hydrophobic Fluorescent Molecules SNARF and Nile Red in Newly Hatched J2s of Beet Cyst Nematode
2:30 PM break Coffee, juice, etc.
2:45 PM Alan Fanning

Role of Zonula Occludens-1 and -2 proteins in Epithelial Morphogenesis

3:15 PM Robert Zucker Choosing an optimal flow cytometer
4:00 PM Quick break Coffee, juice, etc.
4:05 PM   Michael Chua   Light sources for microscopy - an update
6:00 PM   Dinner   Mint (Indian cuisine) at 504 W. Franklin St. (Google map)
Please help us out and let Michael or Neal know if you plan to attend