2010 - Last years users group meeting


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        2010  Program
Tuesday    July 13   124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road Google map)
8:45 AM       Registration, snacks & drinks
9:00       Greetings, introduction and dinner plans
09:05   Michael Watson   Adenosine 2B receptor signaling with CFTR is regulated by PDZ binding motifs on the C-terminus
09:30   Martina Gentzsch   Tracking trafficking of CFTR in differentiated primary human airway epithelial cells
10:00   Break   Drinks, snacks, etc.
10:20   David Wiley   Distinguishing Arterial and Venous Angiogenesis using Confocal Imaging in Zebrafish
10:50   Joel Schwartz   Super resolution imaging of glutamatergic synapses
11:20   Patrick Vincent   Cellular Resolution Imaging of Arabidopsis Roots and Root Hairs by LCM
12:00 PM       Buffet Lunch for registered attendees
01:00   Scott Crane   Lasers to support microscopy research applications
01:30   Bob Zucker  

Detection of TiO2 nanoparticles in cells by flow cytometry and darkfield microscopy

02:00   Alan Fanning   Regulation of epithelial barrier assembly and cytoskeletal architecture by the MAGUK proteins ZO-1 and ZO-2
02:30   Break   Drinks, snacks, etc.
02:50   Vladimir Ghukasyan   Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy Techniques: FLIM/FRET and fluorescence anisotropy
03:20   Joe Capowski   State-of-the-art displays of neuron structure on today's small computers
03:50   Russ Taylor   An overview of software tools being demonstrated at 4:30 PM
4:30   Posters/Demos/Mixer   With drinks and light snacks
    Amanda Sullivan   Optical Coherence Tomography: A platform for biomedical research, imaging, and elastography
    Martina Gentzsch  et al   Apical recycling in primary human airway cells requires N-linked glycans and correct folding of CTTR
    Brooke Haddock   Live cell imaging of MARCKS
    David Marshburn   Video Spot Tracker
    Russ Taylor   ImageSurfer
    Russ Taylor II   Fluorescence microscope simulator
6:30   Dinner   Mint (Indian cuisine) at 504 W. Franklin St. (Google map)
Please let
Michael or Neal or Scott know ASAP if you plan to attend the dinner.
        Program is subject to change.




This event is being run by the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility with the support of Coherent Inc. and the UNC School of Medicine Office of Research.  There is no cost to you  to attend!

Location 124 Taylor Hall, UNC - (Parking & Walking Map)  (For driving directions see Google map location close to Taylor Hall)

More information - contact:    
       Michael Chua 919-843-3268


  Neal Kramarcy 919-966-7051   neal@lasersandmicroscopy.org
  Scott Crane 800-400-3008   Scott.Crane@coherent.com

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