Lasers and Microscopy Users Group


A meeting for those who use lasers or microscopes

Next meeting: Thursday August 9th, 2012

124 Taylor Hall, UNC Chapel Hill

A casual forum for the interchange of results, techniques and ideas for those who work with microscopes or lasers and related topics. All are welcome to present a talk or poster about biology, imaging, computer science, optics, fluorescence, dyes, etc., or any loosely related topic.


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2012 Meeting

August 9th

         124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road   Google maps  Google map)
08:45 AM   Walk up registration   Coffee, juice, doughnuts, bagels
08:55 AM       Greetings & introduction
9:00 AM   Martina Gentzsch   Imaging of surface CFTR in primary human airway epithelial cultures
9:30 AM   Sarah Creed   Computational Image Analysis of Invadopodia Dynamics in Living Cells
10:00 AM   Break   Coffee, juice, etc.
10:20 AM   Yuli Wang   Performing Cell Separations by Microscope and Microarray
10:50 AM   Roger Thuotte   Click, Print, Love the new FLoid imaging Station from Molecular Probes
11:20 AM   Scott Crane   New lasers
12:00 PM   Lunch   Mediterranean Deli Buffet for registered attendees
12:00 PM   Roger Thuotte   Demo.
12:00 PM   Brain Hanking   Demo.
1:00 PM   Mark Brueckner   Laser safety
1:30 PM   Ian McNeil   Photoluminescence Lifetime Studies for Investigating Electron Injection and Charge Transport in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
1:55 PM   Matthew Daddysman   Magic in the Nucleus: from Localized DNA Damage to Quantitative FRAP
2:20 PM   Break   Coffee, juice, etc.
2:35 PM   Michael Tycon   Improved FRAP method used to investigate heterogeneous RNA Pol II Dynamics in live polytene nuclei
3:00 PM   Charles Hemphill   SP8, Hybrid detectors, super resolution, white light laser
3:30 PM   break   Coffee
3:45 PM   Joe Hsiao   ImageSurfer2, Microscope Simulator, Video Spot Tracker and Video Optimizer
4:30 PM   Michael Chua   Localization of Quinine in Plasmodium falciparum using deconvolution of confocally acquired images
06:00 PM   Dinner   Mint (Indian cuisine) at 504 W. Franklin St. (Google map)
Please help us out and let
Michael or Neal know if you plan to attend

This event is being run by the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility and the UNC School of Medicine Office of Research.

Location 124 Taylor Hall, UNC - (Parking & Walking Map)  (For driving directions see Google map location close to Taylor Hall)

More information - contact:    
       Michael Chua 919-843-3268

  Neal Kramarcy 919-966-7051
  Scott Crane 800-400-3008

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