Lasers and Microscopy Users Group meeting
Next meeting: July 17, 2012
124 Taylor Hall, UNC Chapel Hill



Meeting of interest: South Eastern Ultra Fast Conference Jan 12 & 13, 2012 at University of Central Florida, Orlando - Plenary speaker: John Fourkas, Chemistry, U. of Maryland, College Park


A casual forum for the interchange of results, techniques and ideas for those who work with microscopes or lasers and related topics. All are welcome to present a talk or poster about biology, imaging, computer science, optics, fluorescence, dyes, etc., or any loosely related topic.

July 12   2011   Program  
Tuesday        124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road Google map)  
08:45 AM   Walk up registration   Coffee, juice, doughnuts, bagels  
09:00       Greetings & introduction  
09:05   Mike Watson, Cystic Fibrosis Center   Fluorescent probes, confocal microscopy, and lasers : Integral tools of Cell Biology’  
09:25   John Blackwell   Modeling ischemic reperfusion injury in lung endothelial cells  
09:40   Tomonori Nochi, Center for AIDS   Humanized NOD/SCID-BLT mice develop functional GALT where human immunoglobulin class-switching occurs resulting in the production of human IgA1 and IgA2  
10:10   Break   Coffee, juice, etc.  
10:35   Steve Jones, Cell & Developmental Biology   Development of Novel Pharmacokinetics: Intravital microscopy assays for nanoparticles  
11:05   Dave Rubenstein, Dermatology   Targeting keratinocyte signaling in pemphigus autoimmune blistering diseases  
11:35   Klaus Hahn, Pharmacology   New tools to peek and poke at GTPases in living cells  
12:05 PM   Lunch   Mediterranean Deli Buffet for registered attendees  
01:15   Scott Crane   Lasers for biomedical applications  
01:45   Jian Zou, Alcohol Studies Center   Induction of Inflammasome-IL-1beta mediates ethanol-impaired neurogenesis  
02:15   Cory Quammen, Computer Science   3D visualization, analysis, and simulation for fluorescence microscopy  
02:45   Break   Coffee, juice, etc. Demonstrations:  
03:15   Russ Taylor, Computer Science   Fluorescence Simulator and use for snipping chromatin, ImageSurfer  
03:45   Alexis Carpenter, Chemistry   Influence of Particle-Bacteria Interactions on the Bactericidal Activity of Nitric Oxide-Releasing Silica Nanoparticles  
04:15 Bob Zucker, EPA Detection of nanoparticles
04:45 Eugene Gibbs, EPA   Imaging nanoparticles
06:30   Dinner   Mint (Indian cuisine) at 504 W. Franklin St. (Google map)
Please help us out and let
Michael or Neal know ASAP if you plan to attend the dinner.



This event is being run by the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility and the UNC School of Medicine Office of Research.

Location 124 Taylor Hall, UNC - (Parking & Walking Map)  (For driving directions see Google map location close to Taylor Hall)

More information - contact:    
       Michael Chua 919-843-3268

  Neal Kramarcy 919-966-7051
  Scott Crane 800-400-3008

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