Lasers and Microscopy - Users group meeting July 14 & 15, 2009 - UNC Chapel Hill

A casual forum for the interchange of results, techniques and ideas.  All are welcome from the North Carolina Triangle region and beyond.  The target audience is broad, with interests including imaging, biology, computer science, optics, fluorescence, dyes, etc. We look forward to your participation, and invite you to present your work as a short talk or poster.  The event is free.  Please register if you plan to attend this event.

You are invited to present your work as a short talk or poster - whether it is biology only, lasers only, both, experimental, technological, theoretical, didactic, etc!


2009  Program - Subject to change

Tue    July 14   124 Taylor Hall  (Off Mason Farm Road Google map)
8:45       Pickup name tags
9:00       Greetings & Introduction and dinner plans
9:10   Michael Watson   CFTR Interactomes: Two pools of CFTR That Are Organized Via Scaffolding Protein Interactions?
9:40   Liya Qin   Roles of reactive oxygen species generated from NADPH oxidase in inflammation-mediated neurodegeneration
10:10       Break
10:25   David Marshburn   ImageSurfer
10:55   Scott Crane  

Next Generation of Ultrafast Laser Systems to support MPE Internal Compensation and Mid IR

12:00       Lunch - buffet from Mediterranean Deli ( Kindly sponsored by the Office of Translational Technologies)
1:00   Joel Schwartz   Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy / Raster Imaging Correlation Spectroscopy
2:00   Jonathan Boyd   Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) microscopy
2:30       Break
2:45   Mark Tolbert   inTune laser
3:15   Samantha Fore   Fluorescence Life Imaging (FLIM)
3:45   John Wailes   Sensitivity and Flexibility - The LSM 710 from Carl  Zeiss
4:15       Break
4:30   Robert Zucker  

Award winning pictures using the confocal microscope: Influence of machine factors and user creativity.

5:00   Posters   Posters mixed with drinks and light snacks
    WanYun Cheng  

An Imaging Approach to the Study of Oxidant Stress Generation by Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Living Cells

    Jian Zou   Ethanol reduces neurogenesis and microglial proliferation in rat hippocampal-entorhinal cortical slice cultures: P2X7 receptors modulate ethanol action on proliferation
    Deborah Cholon   Modulation of Apical Stability of Rescued DeltaF508 CFTR in Primary Human Airway Epithelial Cells
    Raghav Chhetri   Research in the Optical Coherence Imaging Laboratory at UNC Chapel Hill
6:30       Dinner - Mint Restaurant 504 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill - (Google map) Please let Michael know if you plan to attend and not have done so already.
Wed    July 15   124 Taylor Hall
9:00   Russell Taylor   3D Microscopy Visualization
9:45       Break
10:05   Cory Quammen   Fluorescence Microscope Simulator
10:20   Russell Taylor   Video Spot Tracker

Location Taylor Hall, UNC - (Parking & Walking Map) (For driving directions see Google map location close to Taylor Hall)

This event is being run by the Michael Hooker Microscopy Facility with the support of Coherent Inc. and the Office of Translational Technologies - UNC.  There is no cost to attend!

More information - contact:    
       Michael Chua 919-843-3268
  Neal Kramarcy 919-966-7051
  Scott Crane 800-400-3008

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